The obstacles continue to hinder my way..

It seems that the confusion and obstacles of this week’s task are taking new shape with each minor progress, as such I have got a new issue to tackle. Well this new issue is not due to any script I have been working on but seems to be due to some unwanted changes in my system configuration/settings while installing mwparserfromhell. It can be viewed here. Just hoping to resolve it at the earliest so that further delay in submission may be avoided.

Fingers crossed.

Finally the issue resolved \o/. Well I cleaned an unwanted file which was causing the error in the system, hence well me back to work again .. 😀



  1. tarundsk · March 25, 2015

    Hi Priyanka, I am manager with Linux Technology Center IBM Bangalore, we work on core kernel development and various Open Source Communities, One of my team member is a mentor for OPW as well, I was curious to know if you are seeking internship/employment in Open Source area. Please ping me on your future plans and I will be pleased to get in touch with you. (

    • priyashata · March 26, 2015

      Hello Sir,

      I shall be more than glad to be a part of any internship program you intend to offer on the company’s behalf. For further queries I have sent a mail for the same.

      Thanking You

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