Reorganizing the elements help a lot..

It’s really important for me to understand the aim of my project and make a demarcation between the scopes of mere porting and the scope of improvements in the script. After discussing with on of my mentors, I realized that I am meant to just add the scripts with minimum modifications made such that during improvement phase it would be easier to understand how the script converted from compat to core version. Well that’s the main reason my scripts are not being merged which though looks disappointing but is essential. I might continue even after porting the scripts to assist in improvement of the scripts for core version.

Now secondly, I  still need to get a lot more familiar with the scripts still + get into core python programming too. These would be really great helper tasks.

I’d better get few clarifications made within the reviewer board regarding merging and present workflow adopted to deal with the scripts already in progress in the project for merge purpose. I hope this reorganization really gives a proper direction to my ongoing tasks.


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